Setup Check - Problem Diagnosis

If there is a problem with the network in your area our telephone system will provide details of the problem as soon as it is identified. Network problems are rare and usually a customer who cannot connect to the internet will have one of the following problems.

  1. Check your Radio Connection.
    If you cannot connect to the internet check first that your modem is ONLINE - use the Check Radio link for further details.

  2. Check your PC connections.
    If your modem is online connect your PC directly to the cable modem and check your settings - click here for details.

    • Make sure that the ethernet cable is securely connected to your modem and your PC.
    • Check that the Link LED on your modem is on.
    • Are you using a firewall such as Norton Internet Security, McAfee Personal Firewall, ZoneAlarm or other such security package? Try disabling the firewall, making sure to re-enable it afterwards. In some cases, you may need to completely uninstall the firewall, reboot the computer and try again. If you are not sure how to do this, you will need to consult the documentation or contact the appropriate vendor.

    • permaNET does not support firewall issues. If the firewall is found to be the problem, it is recommended that you try a different one. Every broadband-connected computer should be protected by a firewall.

    • Refer to the documentation for your security software or visit http://www.netfaqs.com/windows/Browsers/Firewalls/ to determine how to configure it correctly. If this is a firewall configuration problem, our Technical Support department will not be able to assist you. Use the Check PC link for further details

  3. PC connected through a router or indoor wireless access point with no connection to the internet
    If your PC is connected through a router or an indoor wireless access point - firstly verify that you can get online when connected directly to our modem.

    If you can connect to the internet when your PC is connected directly to the modem but cannot connect when you are connected through your router or wireless access point then there is a problem with the configuration of your router, our Technical Support department will not be able to assist you.

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