Fair Usage Policy

Fair Usage Policy

A fair use policy applies to all permaNET broadband only and calls & broadband packages. The permaNET broadband service is a shared service and permaNET reserves the right to manage the network to ensure that all users get fair access to the network. If users make excessive use of their permaNET broadband service their service may be restricted without notification. permaNET at it’s sole discretion will define from time to time what constitutes excessive use of the permaNET service(s)

Traffic quota

A traffic quota applies to all permaNET broadband only and calls & broadband packages. The traffic quota is split 50/50 between peak and off peak times.
Peak times are Monday to Sunday 06:00-23:59
Off Peak Monday to Sunday 00:00-05:59

Excessive Use

No system has unlimited resources, and we expect you to act responsibly when consuming resources on our system(s). If you consume excessive resources on our system we may suspend your access at any time without prior notice. Some access services are bound by a monthly allocation or download allowance.. You must comply with all current bandwidth, download, and other allocations on the service established by permaNET. Use of Network bandwidth is expected to be reasonable and moderate. You must ensure that your activity does not improperly degrade any other user’s use of the permaNET service, nor represent an unusually large burden on the network. In addition, you must ensure that your activities do not improperly restrict permaNET’s ability to deliver the service and monitor the service and/or network.