Why is my internet speed slow?

Speed of internet connection depends on a number of factors such as contention on the permaNET network, efficiency of individual websites and the health of your PC, among other factors.

We ensure we have enough capacity available on our network to provide a fast service and you should expect that your connection functions well at all times, allowing you good internet access.  You should expect to get near the maximum speed of the package you’re subscribed to at off peak times but at on peak times it may be slower.  This is because our services are contended, in line with similar products from other broadband providers.

For business packages the contention ratio is 15:1 and this means the maximum speed allocated to you is shared between a maximum of 15 users.
For residential packages the contention ratio 20:1 and this means the maximum speed allocated to you is shared between a maximum of 20 users.

Because of contention permaNET is unable to guarantee maximum speeds for the package you are subscribed to at all times.

If you feel your internet connection is consistently slower than your package maximum, please run a speed test by following the steps below.

To achieve an accurate speed test, before you run the test please ensure that all other programs running on your computer are closed and the only running program is your internet browser.  You also need to ensure that you run this test with just one computer connected directly to the permaNET modem with a network cable as connecting wirelessly does not give an accurate result.

The steps for carrying out the test are as follows:

1.            Click http://www.speedtest.net and wait for the page to load fully.
2.            Click on BEGIN TEST.
3.            Wait for the test to run.
4.            Click on SHARE THIS RESULT.
5.            Click on COPY.
6.            Submit a ticket and include the link to the result of your speed test. It will be similar to this: http://www.speedtest.net/result/2170589582.png
7.           email support@permanet.ie

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